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Remember, when Chris Oyakhilome visited him previously.

I knew my potential for having the job was good if the consultant said he'd a personal relationship with the man I was to interview with. He was willing to function as mediator to me. His reference went a considerable ways towards my hiring. I prefer to give time and cash to charitable efforts, big things like helping develop a school and church inside Sudan, and smaller such things as volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, breast cancers initiatives, training programs for youngsters like teaching financial management, mentoring and spending time with foster kids, etc. I give a couple of church and believe inside the power from the tithe (i.e. sowing seeds). It is vital to respect her beliefs, most importantly with no similar views. Never talk anything against her religion. Be open to her views, although you may disagree. It would be even great in case you accommodate her religious views. Minimize your comments specially when you are speaking with her relatives and buddies. There is a high chance that her relatives and buddies share exactly the same belief as her. You must prepare well ahead of time from the big event - what this means is meeting the couple to debate the things they would really like. It also means that you need to contact the priest or whoever is celebrating the service and discover about guidelines he may impose. For example, in a few churches they cannot allow strobe units to use. Begin re-imagining your lovableness today, discover a silent corner for 20 minutes every day. Don't speak, you should be inside presence of the ONE that is ever present, and listen.